A small request


Hey all,

I like seein' girls on bikes as much as the next guy, but some shots can get a guy in ALOT of trouble at work if ya know what I mean...I happened upon one such post this morning...

Can we make it courtesy rule (there is similar on other forums) that we put [BABE] or something similar in the post title if the post contains pics that are inappropriate for work?

I'm looking forward to taking a look when I get home
, but don't really want to get fired if my boss walks into my cube at the same moment a pic of a naked woman pops up on my screen...

Thanks so much!
Where is that thread at? This site is G rated!! The sensors must have missed that one.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
When you come across pics like that let me know so they can be removed, this board will not be responsible for a member losing their job.

Keep it clean !
yep i noted that one as well this morning, i figured i'ld give it till 3pm before it got deleted and a nice lil email went out to the rookie that posted it. But remember it was a new guy and he probably slept through that class lol
I think i caught the first one, e-mailed Cache. I missed this one. its gonna happen occasionally, and we handle it well.

So no more nudes...just e-mail them to me for my collection of "Bikes and Babes".