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Wish I could find it to download. Any of you smart enough to dig it up? It's embedded in the top frame but I don't know how to dig and find it so I can save it on my computer. :super:

Oh, can you tell that the rain has me couped up and BORED TO DEATH? :crazy:

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I can't quit refreshin' that page! Makes my, ummmm, hair on my arms, stand up!!! Yeah, that's it!  :super:  :super:  :super:  :super:  :super:
Here it goes :o)

Use a download manager software like FLASHGET.
If you use Flashget, run the program then press F7 and it will present you a window with a more-or-less Internet Explorer look. Type in the address and it will browse through the site for all the files available there.
The file you're looking for (you might know it already) is srj99f.au, which is directly on the home directory of the site.
Look at the tab on the left and you'll see directories like 01buttons, 2003%20images, etc. You'll also see the homepage address (indicated with a flag and a globe) - click there and you'll see the files on the right tab. Scroll down. srj99f.au is 4th from the end. Right click on the file and select download. It rules. Nice for a Windows startup ;)
Yeah, I found the name of the file, just didn't know how to get to it. Don't have Flashget. I'll have to see if I can find it. Thanks fer the reply.
Actually, typing the url to the file into Windows Media Player played it. I had tried that with Real Player and it wouldn't work. WMP played it and I could add it to my media library that way. ;)