A sad video about the riders who have passed on

That clip shows us how fragile life really is. To everybody stay safe and watch out for the other guys. Always say a prayer before you ride.
Your brother on 2 wheels:
I lost a good friend last Sept. and people in here helped me through it.. Looking at this showed me some things. Look at the pictures, these people were loving life... they were living and loving life. You could see it in all the smiles and all the friends that were there to share the good times and the smiles. These people had the chance to live not just exist in life. I look at the pictures of my lost friend, riding made him so happy he could not have lived anyother way. Thats the way I and my wife choose to live.... on our bikes... Take all you can from your life don't hide.... live love smile and tell the people you love how you feel about them. Don't look back on your life saying I should have or could have.... Bikers live..