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It's been way too long since I've been on this board! I've been working long days (100 mile round-trip commute each day to South San Francisco) and busy being a dad to my four teenagers. I really miss the old gang from the ECHR group (you know who you are), and the great rides we would plan in the VA / WV countryside. I would like to forget one of those rides however when I had to spin up the turbo in order to save you all from getting a speeding ticket. Does anyone remember that? Lol

Lately I've been healing after getting a bit banged up in my first accident in over 22 years. I was riding the mighty Busa when a car made an "unsafe lane change" directly in front of me. I had a choice to swerve right and risk going over the edge of the Bay Bridge or low-side it to the left and collide with his passenger side door. I chose the door, but my knee, shoulder, and ribs didn't like my decision. The crazy part of the whole accident is that I was only going thirty MPH and I wasn't even splitting lanes at the time. Over 100,000 miles of this each day, and I end up biting it on an extremely sudden lane change in front of me. Oh well. Sh*t happens.

The Busa is getting repaired right now and will soon be back in the stable soon to join my other bikes. (2006 Honda 599, 2004 Honda Interceptor, and 2000 Honda Goldwing) Lately I've been commuting on the wing, but I'm not as old as that might make me appear. haha Once the Busa resurrection is complete I'll be sure to post some pics and a fresh dyno sheet. In the meantime, I'll start lurking again and maybe post from time to time. :)


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Sorry to hear about the slide, getting crashed is freakin' horrible. Atleast with "The Wing" yer riding now you'll do more damage to compact cars than they will do to you. :thumbsup:

Ride safe bro,take care.



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glad your back, and dang glad your doing ok after your mishap