A question for all you exhaust gurus

All right, I'm calling out all you exhaust experts who can tell a Yosh from an Akro at 200 paces. I'm sure someone somewhere knows what I'm talking about.

I was at the dirt drags last weekend and saw a guy riding a sixer with a sort of triangular shaped exhaust, single sided, but not like the Tri-Ovals. The exhaust tip was sort of flush with the end of the muffler and the whole thing looked like it had kind of a flare to it (i.e. the diameter expanded from front to back). Anyone know the one I'm talking about? I can't find it anywhere. If they make one for the Gixxers they probably make one for the 1300, right? I wanted to ask him what it was and where he got it but he scooted before I got the chance to talk to him.

I love the Hindle system I've got but I'm tired of every single sportbike exhaust looking almost exactly the same. I'm thinking HMF dual highmounts because I like the balanced look of two cans...but I really liked that triangular/diamond shaped thing on that Gixxer, it was different. Someone help me out here, what was the exhaust I saw? Or did I just imagine the thing in a nitromethane induced hallucinogenic fit?

Thanks in advance, gang.


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Could have been one of the newer Yoshi tri ovals.. the tip is is kind of blended into the canister with the new line of pipes...

Thats a stock Suzuki Titanium pipe I think.
Thanks NJ, I don't know if that's what it was or not. Any pictures of what you're talking about anywhere, so I can figure out if we're talking about the same thing? I did some searching but I can't seem to find any that aren't red x's.

I could have sworn I saw a picture of one here on a red and black 'busa but that might just be something my fevered brain cooked up on its own.
Could have been one of the newer Yoshi tri ovals.. the tip is is kind of blended into the canister with the new line of pipes...

I don't think it was a Yosh. I've seen the new tri-o's and this one didn't look like that. The actual tip didn't protrude from the canister, it almost looked like someone took the end of a plain old can and smacked it with a sledgehammer until it crumpled and folded down inside and the tip was flush with the case of the can itself. Plus it was more diamond shaped than any Yosh pipe I've ever seen. (wow that's a really poor explanation but it's all I can come up with at the moment.)
Damn, I think it is the new stock Gixxer muffler. That was the first '06 I've seen. I like the thing, very trick. Probably wayyyyy too tough to fab up a way to fit it to my headpipe. Oh well, unless someone makes something similar to fit the Hayabusa it looks like it's dual HMF highmounts for me.


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I agree, new stocker. I was checking out my buddies and liked the look of it, of course its pretty quiet and he's going to ditch it soon.

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