A plane just crashed in a residential..


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NEW YORK (CNN) -- An aircraft has crashed into the middle of a brick luxury high-rise residential building on Manhattan's Upper East Side at 72nd Street and York Avenue, police officials said.

The building is very close to the East River. There was no word on casualties as firefighters battled the flames that shot up from several windows in the middle of the building. The Federal Aviation Administration has said a "general aviation" aircraft had hit the building.

A North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) spokesperson, which monitors air traffic, told CNN that it had not been tracking the aircraft.

Witness Sarah Steiner told CNN that fires were burning on the ground. "It looks like the plane just flew into someone's living room there." (Watch the orange flames ravage the apartment -- 1:50)

"It looks as if the aircraft didn't go into the building but fell down," she said. "It may be part of the debris burning on the ground."

Steiner said that when she arrived, she saw fire shooting out of two windows on the 30th floor of the 50-story building.

Video from the scene shows at least three apartments in the high-rise fully engulfed in flames.

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Maybe a diplomat or someone of importance was in that building/room and the plane was used as an assassination weapon....

... it could happen in the movies. And sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.


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Probably just an accident but could be terrorism. An apartment building isn't a likely target for terrorists.
I think it's a big misunderstanding.

The terrorists are really just trying to tell us that it's really hard to fly planes. Like, really really hard.
So if you want to go fast buy a 'busa!

Everyone is happy now



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NY Yankees pitcher Lidel... he was flying alone to Florida. Crashed into an apt building... sad! Prayers to his family!


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Very Sad.

Kind of freaked me out when CNN had an alert that a plane crashed in NY with no info.

Glad to hear it was an accident and not a terrorist.
Hire a private detective 200$
Discover your spouse's affair.
Take flying lessons 2500$
Hire a small plane and fly it into the love pad... Priceless...


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Heard that in his 6.5 Million Dollar contract there is a clause that states: If you are impaired and not able to play because of injuries resulting from flying a private airplane, riding a motorcycle, skiing and some more but the news didn't list, then the Yankees will not be liable to pay the remaining portion of your contract  
! So, I guess no more payment to his wife ! Me, I can understand the clause because his injuries or death (in this case) effects alot of others and probably their season (meaning $$$$$$) !

My .02 cents is; if I am paying someone that much money, and their lives and physical capability is a deciding factor in the teams results, then HE CAN WAIT until his playing days are over and then do anything he wants to. That way, he can only effect himself and his family, not the whole organization.  

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