a noise.


Hallo everybody.
I hope someone can help me understand:
I have a 2011 busa. about 15000 miles. never had problems (regular services)
I have heard a kind of noise when I start the bike in the morning. a kind of VRR VRRR VRRR that lasts for about 4, 5 minutes than disappers. It seems it comes from the engine but I am unable to understand.
Never had anything like it. (maybe never paid atentio to it!)
I can't explain better.
a mechanic told me it's the clutch in the mornimng when the bike is cold.
I don't know.
any idea?
thank you


It's trying to tell you come on let's go. It's going Vr Vrr Vrrr when it wants to be going Vrooooom............see ya! Pretty much like a lot of things, you sit there and look and listen to them and you hear and end up seeing all kinds of things you wish were different. Trick is to mount & ride it and then the screaming you hear and pure enjoyment you get washes out all the other little hiccups or sounds she makes.

Just sayin....:laugh:



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Does it change with the engine rpm? and is the vrr vrrr some where between moderate pitch and moderately high pitch? If so that is normal.

If you are really worried about it you could post a video so we could hear it.


my guess is its just the lope idle of the engine as it warms up. my 07 does it too.
No Worries :thumbs:
I luve these.. hey what's this sound... it sounds like vrrr vrrr....
Reminds me of the old Mineke commercials....
Take some effort... make a video with sound and post a link......

Vrrrm cladda clink clunk wtf


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I'd like to get in on this too <--- Not what she said.... But yeah, post so we can see the sound...... as long as we don't have to be on acid first


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Being they started using sound in films since the late 1920's I was really hoping you could make use of this particular part of the technology. I don't really care what the visual portion was just as long as we can hear the suspect sound.

On second thought, point the camera at a cat that way you may get more hits on youtube. people love cat videos. :lol:
Was walking out from the mexican resturant last night got on my bike and before I even put the key in I heard a strange noise and vibaration from my seat.. any ideas?

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