A newbie from France

The Frogie

Hi all !

I'll post some pics of mi busa this evening ;)
I actually will give her calipers from R6 2007.
I would like to buy also a master cylinder brembo pr19 rcs


Team Edward

Here you go I fixed it for you.... Some guys here only use the phone app majority of the time so its a pain to have to link back and forth.....:thumbsup:

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ImageShack Links Do Not Work


Never Forgotten
:welcome: Frogie that is a beaut looking bike you got there:thumbsup: I will be in you great city on the 9th till the 11th of May I will be having 2 nights there with my beautiful wife.:beerchug:


Welcome, I get to France 3 or 4 times a year. Mostly Marseille, but in 2009 I rode the whole country. Here is a couple pics of me and wife under the Eiffel and at Normandy visiting great uncles graves.


Normandy American Cemetary James and John Reidy.jpg
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