A newbie from France

The Frogie

Hello everybody,

At first, i apologize for my bad english, I hope that everybody will understand what i'm writtening ;)

I'm 26yo, I live in Paris, I'm an accounter and I have bought a GSXR 1340 Hayabusa 2009.
It's grey, i don't have take pictures yet.

I'll have the bike next saturday, it's horrible to wait a looooong week before having it.

I log in your forum because in USA you make a lot of modifications that's not allowed in France.
(do you know that in France our bikes must have 106 HP at maximum?)

See you soon ;)


Bienvenue à l'org.. le meilleur endroit sur le web. est donc votre busa ch limitée de l'usine? comment est il de l'assurance. aussi j'espère que google traduction d'ouvrages. :)

Welcome to the .org. Im addicted to google translate :p.

The Frogie

We can't bring back to 197HP if we want to keep insurance.
But a lot of bikers switch their bikes to full power, whereas the insurrance doesn't work :/

C'est la vie :)


Seasoned Beef
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:welcome: to the oRg , we finally have the real frog on board :laugh:

I have the '08 US black which is dark gray. Probably similar to yours ................ 106 HP :banghead:

The Frogie

thanks for your posts ;)

it's a electronical limiter, the bike have a similar torque at low RPM et less power in high RPM
But we have just to cut a cable of the CDI to get back at 197HP

We are the one country in the world that limit HP do 100


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:welcome: to the board...i don't think i could handle knowing that 90 hp was just one clip with the wire cutters away, i would be cutting it as soon as i got home :laugh:



With a forum handle of "The Frogie", I immediately appreciate your sense of humor! :laugh:

t's a electronical limiter, the bike have a similar torque at low RPM et less power in high RPM
But we have just to cut a cable of the CDI to get back at 197HP
I assume this wire has been readily identified by your fellow Busa riders over there, yes? Pity about the political/insurance environment that shackles the available horsepower of motorcycles in your country.... other than the insurance issue, if caught with a cut CDI wire, question de la police d'une citation?

The Frogie

top speed with 106HP is about 260 270km per hour (160mph? )

The police never have a look to the CDI, bikes have not the same limit, some bikes have a "thing" on pipes to limit air intake
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