A new Hayabusa has been added to the garage!

What's up guys and gals! I finally got the bike of my dreams (2008 Orange/Black Busa) just a few days ago. Been lurking around this forum for a while now. Now I'm finally a full fledge member. Been riding a 2008 Yamaha FZ6 for the past 3 years until my wife and I felt confident that I could handle this bike. Only been on her for a few quick rides and MAN what difference. Everybody says it's such a heavy bike but to me it feels like it drops in the turns way better than my FZ did. Maybe the center of gravity is lower. Got the bike from WOW motorcycles in ATL. Don't know anything about the previous owner (maybe they're on here). All I do know is they did pretty much everything I wanted to do to this bike except for maybe the orange windscreen and stock levers. Wife's taking care of that for Christmas. That's all for now. I'll post my observations after I get a chance to take her out for a real ride.
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