A little reassurance


Hey everybody this is just a wee hello from a Scottish Busa owner, Great site by the way.
I bought my Busa from new in Apr 2000, I was working in Gibraltar for 10 weeks at a time and then traveling home to the north of Scotland a distance of 2000 miles for two weeks holiday. So in the busa's 1st 6 months on the road it clocked up over 14000 miles, and a lot of it 2 up. It was the best journey to work i have ever had.
There was never any problems with the Busa, it has been hammered in all weathers and never been kept indoors, so if that is not reliability i dont know what is. It has been serviced at all the correct times, recalled once (cam chain). and apart from the odd tyres, chains and brake pads nothing else has been done.
I will try and upload some photo's if sombody could tell me the size they should be for this site, I have tried already but keep getting error messages.
Cheers all


Hayabusa Immortal
Very reliable overall. You'd figure on a bike like this, it would need to be pampered. Quite the contrary, as I have gladly found.

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