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If you read my post about my home network fun, you'll see the first response was from Skydyvyr. While I appreciate all the insights everyone provided in that thread, I wanted to give a special thanks to Andy for taking 2hrs out of his day to call me and troubleshoot my issues. He is definitely an expert in what he does and helped validate things for me with my network setup.

Andy, thanks again for taking time out of your day. You are truly part of why the Org is such a great place :thumbsup::beerchug:
Just glad to help where I can -- plus, I only really spent 15 minutes troubleshooting Zuk's network issue. We spent the rest of the time gossipin' 'bout all y'all

It was my pleasure, I enjoyed the time.

I'll add one more thing, talking to him really made me more jealous of everyone that lives on the east coast and has relatively easy access to the Bash. I would love, to go, but just can't get over the 2500 mi one way trip from Seattle.


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