A girl for you stunt guys


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RRC....mmmm mmmm good! Wife doesnt think Chic's that ride are sexy....at least she knows how I feel about them and is attempting to let me teach her how to ride


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wow....is all I can really say. hot, and can ride a bike. But from looking at her pictures, she obviously has no scar's to show a nasty wreck. And that being said, she will learn to do all her tricks with the proper gear on after she eats it hard. I think the tricks are cool, but put some dam gear on and pose in the pictures.

she will be kicking herself in the butt later when she is all scared up from one nasty fall. When all she had to do was wear her gear. But I understand looking cool is better than protecting yourself.
I have chatted with her on MySpace and on yahoo IM. Really kickass girl who truly is getting her **** together. I wish I were closer to go ride with her.

Anyone who gets a chance, definitely tell her hello.

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