A few pics from Northern Nevada......


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Pacemaster, Mike and I took a spin up Ebbetts Pass on Friday and stopped in Markleville for a quick break before heading over the Pass on hwy 4.
The skies were blue in the morning, but we knew to turn around at Mosquito Lake because sure enough, within a short hour's time, the thunder boomers developed. Woe is me, got caught in a short torrential downpour before we made it back into Markleville! Took me 3 hours to completely detail out the 'bullet when I got back home.
First couple of pics are what the SD contingent will see in July when they meet up with us in Markleville en route to the Stampede.
Ole Pacemaster must be gettin' old..........likes to sit and smell flowers while the twisties are beckoning! :laugh:
Still snow up top and around Mosquito Lake but the road is relatively clear(last couple of pics).






OMG those are some awesome pics. I envy you guys having such wonderful roads with beautimous scenery. Thanks for sharing. :thumbsup:

hey jim i want your 09 i miss the grey/sliver :thumbsup:
oh jim reamber this pic :laugh:
:laugh: Yeah, how can I forget it? Took me an hour to wax out your scribblings!
Looking forward to seeing you again John, at the Stampede, or before on any given Saturday/Sunday, eh?
Ebbits and Monitor are my fave and I allways stay in Markleeville. Good food and grog! :beerchug:

sept-07-roadTrip 015b.jpg
Jimbo...great share! Can't wait to be there riding those roads with all ya'lls!!! :cheerleader:

The 'bullet is a beauty.

Hey Grey Rocket..hehehehehe you were within'n an inch of yer life fer doin' that to Jim's Busa.
Thnx fer posting J.
getting ready for work soon....now 346 pm
Pic's from the same ride...
Maybe some of you know that the Busa's low beam is NOT very visble to cagers during daylight riding... I have been running these DRL's for a few years now. Or you could raise the lowbeam abit.

Hmmmm, just might move there from these boondoggled streets of Vegas.