A fairly advanced wiring question


Hi everyone.
I have yet another Hayabusa wiring question.
I have my 2005 Busa motor installed in a Smart Car, seems to be running fine, I am running KOSO gauges, there is a wire for the FI light and it is on. I have a stock Busa gauge cluster that I plugged in so I can read the code on the LCD display.
I am getting a code C-92 which is a fuel level sender malfunction.
I am running the stock Smart car fuel pump and sender so I have a feeling I can't just hook a wire to that.
My Question: What does the ECM need to see that tells it there is fuel in the tank all the time? Do I need to find a wire? hook up a resistor?
I am lost, any help greatly appreciated.


If you know how much resistance the stock busa sender has at say 1/2 tank you can duplicate it with some resistor's and put them in line to turn the light off. Or compare it to the sender spec's from the smart car.


I just ran into this problem myself. Yes, the ECM needs to see the resistance of the sender or it will throw code. If you are using an alternative guage solution, you just need a 50 ohm resistor across the wires going to the sender.


Thanks for the answers guys!

I ended up putting a resistor between the B/G and B/W wires going to the fuel level sender. I didnt have a 50 ohm so I took a chance and installed 100ohm, it must be close enough because no more codes!

It led to another small problem though...of course! I am running KOSO gauges in the car, however, to be able to read codes I have it wired so I can also plug in the stock gauges at the same time.

When I start the car and even when the ignition is on but engine isn't started, the check engine light blinks on the KOSO gauge but not on the stock gauges and no codes!!???

The only thing I can figure is I have the wrong wire hooked up to the engine light on the KOSO. It is black with a green stripe. Is this the right wire? according to the Clymer diagram it is really hard to tell.


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