A couple upstanding members to recognize.


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I'd like to say thanks to a couple members.

MO-BUSA sent me some rotors to try and then buy if they fixed my probable issue i was having a few weeks back. It was great that he offered them up to test, that meant more than just selling em. They fixed me right up and a good price so big thanks to MO for the help on that, he's definitely a proper Org member!!:beerchug:

Ive also gotta give a shout to TimmyDuck for the awesome "Thank you" he sent me! He needed a mirror ASAP last week for a track day, I had one so, following MO and other good members leads, I shipped it out to him for the cost over overnight shipping (Roosters a bit broke these days) Anyway, He sent me the cost of shipping a New Hampshire Motor speedway Corner Marshall shirt, too cool!!

We get a couple issues here and there with folks not gettin along, tho its rare, the bad seems to stand out more than the good. Heres a post tot the good Org-ers we have and that make us a community and even family at times:thumbsup:
T-Shirt from Duck, and if ya need too see what the rotors MO sent me looked like, go out to your garage. :laugh:




This has definitely been 1 of the best decisions I made joining this site. Gained so much knowledge and help with my busa build :thumbsup: Bike wouldn't be what it is today without you guys :bowdown: