A Bucket List Must !!

Amazing for sure, doesn't matter if your watching the onboard cameras or from the edge of the street the riding is incredible.
I was stationed in Stuttgart from 88-91. In 90 we rode up for the TT. I had a 90 ZX7 at the time. We rode thru Belgium and Luxemburg. Took the ferry to England, rode across England and took another ferry to get onto the Isle of Man. I believe it was about a 1000 mi ride each direction, I could be wrong about the mileage it's been a few years. lol

I marshalled a turn close to Creg-ny-Baa if I remember correctly. Fortunately there was no drama at my corner which was fine by me. I'd guess the riders were traveling about 70mph past me and had zero run off area like many places on the course.

When the roads aren't closed for racing you can ride the "track" which many would do. We'd wake up and do a couple laps then go get breakfast. In towns you had to obey the speed limits but at the end of the speed controlled sections you'd see a sign which meant there was no longer a speed limit. So it was game on between towns. :) It is a little unsettling at first to be riding on the "wrong" side of the road while coming over a hill in the road but you get used to it quickly. Just feels wrong to us Yanks.

Had a blast while with my friends while we were there. I definitely encourage anyone who can make the trip to do so. You won't be disappointed!