A brilliant album.


Well I think it is.

It's old but I just discovered it.

Metropolis Pt 2 Scenes from a Memory by Dream Theater.

Well worth a listen.
Dream Theater?? Sounds familiar...were they around in the 90's maybe?

Thanks for the head's up newman... :thumbsup:
First album was out in 1989 and the new album is out this year I think.

Only found out about them last week when I was looking for something a bit different, I looked up best progressive bands and albums and this came up.
Of everyone here, I expected Vabs would know (and love) Dream Theater. I thought we were on the same musical plane... :down:
You obviously value your Metal. Im a musician (guitar and drums) and have high standards for the music I listen to. DT is pretty good and If you like them look into Alex Skolnick who has played with Testament, Trans Siberian Orchestra and produced some wicked jazz on his own. Metal is not dead.