A bit of an adrenaline rush today

fillmore nyc

Well, there are close calls, and then there are REALLY close calls. Today was REALLY close. Took the bike out of the city to L.I. to make my Saturday Long Island loop. Coming back on one of L.I.'s finest racetracks (aka Southern State Parkway), Im cruising along when the traffic came to an extremely sudden stop... so sudden in fact, that I didnt even have time to downshift.
Something about this situation happening SO suddenly told me to get out of the line of fire, so while Im in heavy decel mode, I pulled out of the left hand lane into the marbles next to the guardrail "just in case" the cage behind me was snoozing, on the cell, etc...
Well, that cage plowed into the back of the car I had just been behind, and I had a ringside seat to the whole thing. I woulda been a pretty thin piece of bologna if I had not moved out of that lane.
Another white nukk-lah lesson learned.
:shocked: :please:
WOW bro. thank god you got out of that one. Where about in NYC are you? Maybe we could get together for a ride.
WHEWW, are your britches worth keepin? Good for you that you were thinking ahead. Paying close attention to things like that is what will keep you alive. Good Job.:thumbsup:
:beerchug: If you weren't on the ball, you might not be here to tell us about this.

Wow, glad you're safe.
What lesson did you learn?
To never:
Let my guard down~
Become complacent~
Assume whats going on in someone elses head~
Leave myself without an exit~
Ride above my head~
Ride excessively close to the car in front of me~
Leave myself in a position like I did today without enough time to downshift. Had I NEEDED throttle, I wouldnt have had it... THAT scared the s**t out of me too~

And the biggest lesson of all, which probably was the reason I was too close to the car in front of me in the first place:
Never EVER fight with the wife and get on the bike to unwind. THATS why I did the Saturday L.I. loop today, and even if I thought I was "all there", apparently I was not.

WOW bro. thank god you got out of that one. Where about in NYC are you? Maybe we could get together for a ride.
Weather permitting, I do an early Sunday morning haul out to the old O.B.I. in Oak Beach down past Jones Beach near Captree. TONS of cool machines head down there: Everything from awesome sportbikes, to rad Choppers, to AC Cobra's to Ferrari Enzo's show up, and it packs out early, and ends early... usually by 11am everybody's out already. Im doing a lot of traveling these days (biz and pleasure), but after I get back, I'd be more than happy to take a ride out with ya, bro.

From a forum noob, a sincere THANK YOU ALL for the kind words and support. Im really glad and proud to have found this forum. You guys rock, and I pray for all your safety as well.
Hey People
Ya know that total body rush ya get when that kind of thing is over, I'd pay for that! Glad your safe!
It always pays to pay attention! Good job bro and glad you made it out safely. This is why you cant ever "zone out" while riding. Always alert!