'99 Busa external to internal fuel pump conversion: Thank you goldenchild!!!

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Recent vaporlock problems have forced me to convert my 1999 Hayabusa from the dreaded and original external fuel pump to the 2001+ internal fuel pump, and to do this, I needed advice and I needed parts. Within minutes of my recent post in this forum asking for the needed parts, I received several responses (thanks to all who responded!) and I ended up talking to Goldenchild. I wanted to just put up this post to thank him for supplying ALL of the parts I needed so quickly (right down to the little fuel line clips,) for his encyclopedic knowledge of the Hayabusa's fueling system, for his excellent communication and follow-up on the shipment, and most of all for the very trick "plug and play" wiring harness that he fabricated which will literally allow me to plug in the new mod to the existing harness and plugs and go out and play with my bike. I won't have to cut or splice a single wire, or go down to Autozone and buy myself a box of those funny little crimp-on connectors. These are the little details that make or break a project, and Goldenchild's help has been unbelieveable. This vaporlock problem has been very troublesome to me since I brought my much-beloved '99 Busa up to the heat and high altitude of New Mexico from its original much cooler home at sea level in Alaska, but thanks to Goldenchild, all will be good soon.

FWIW, Goldenchild never asked or encouraged me in any way to post this, but I will say it anyway: If you have a problem or a need for parts for any bike, and not just Hayabusas, you might want to get in touch with him. He will treat you right, and he will make sure you are satisfied with whatever he does for you!

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Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been on here for awhile...he's a member of this forum, just look up "goldenchild."


waste of money and time. Stock external fuel pump with secondary low pressure pump solves problem for $30!


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waste of money and time. Stock external fuel pump with secondary low pressure pump solves problem for $30!
Some do it right and some do things to just get by....I been doing this conversion for years, and they all still running on same pump no issues..

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