8 Hours of Suzuka

A little sun burnt, but pretty damn awesome day.

Sorry, my pictures suck even more than normal because my only lens I brought with me is giving me fits right now (Normally I try not to junk up pictures with a bunch of manipulation). Pretty good race, I was sure it was going to start to downpour that last hour but, it spit a little bit and held off. Kudos to the riders wearing all that crap and being on a track that hot for hours. It actually got to around 34 degrees today with the sun just pounding on you. I'm not sure what 34 is in real people and I'm too lazy to look it up right now. Still putting video together.






05 Busa LE

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Awesome--thanks for the pics. I think the conversion to Fahrenheit is 9/5C + 32, so you're in the low 90’s. Definitely tough in leathers.

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