780 miles and checkup on the 2nd of next month.


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When I bought the busa two weeks ago I made the appointment on the first open day which is June second. Can I still put miles on her till then or should I leave her parked? I have about 780 miles so far.

Rubberside or Narc will probably have better info,
I would say change the oil and Filter yourself Now, clean and Lube your chain, and adjust if needed. Then I would try to limit your miles simply because of warranty concerns. Suzuki sounds like they can be real pricks when it comes to honoring Warranty stuff and not getting it serviced per your owners manual might just be the out they need to say NO to any potential warranty related claims.
Drop the oil...And ride on...If your not familar with removing the fairings don't do it alone you will scratch them...Then take it in for the complete service...Suzuki has gotten better on their warranty repairs...
I have not changed the oil before on a busa so this will be the first time. I guess I could wait but thats a whole weekend coming up.
When taking delivery of mine, the service manager said I could do the first service myself and they would still honor the warranties.
I have been wrenching my bikes since I was a kid, so I figured what the heck and did there check list with no problems.
Basically it is just an expensive oil change, and they check the torque pressure on the head and exhaust bolts, and adjust the chain.
But dropping that oil now would be very smart.
Ok, will take a look at the lower fairing tonight and see what it looks like to take off. I may try it.

Ok, will take a look at the lower fairing tonight and see what it looks like to take off.  I may try it.

if yer hesitant man , I wouldnt bother . It really dosent matter much now anyway . I'm a firm believer in an oil drop at 20 miles....YA...20 miles on a new rig . Then at 500 miles.YUP 500 . Most of the crunching happens right away.

Call yer dealer if yer not sure about yer warranty , you could VOID it . Some dealers will make a note if you have exceeded the mile marker before its first service . etc etc

I think howlin said be carefull with them plastics . He's right.
The plastic on sport bikes is critical . It can tell a story of the bikes ownership .

After yer done with the dealer an' his chec's....change yer oil as much as you can afford too . I change my oil every 60 days , regardless of clicks . It's just easier to keep track of that way .. CLEAN OIL....IS EVERYTHING .
since you are talking about fairing removal......I am mechanically challenged at times....does removal of the fairing
involve only the hex nuts? Or are there some grommets or other points of attachment once you get the hex nuts off?