600 miles and first oil change with a few questions


Whats up everyone, how are you all? It has been awhile since I have posted anything of worthiness. I finally put 600 miles on the bike. Have not had a lot of time to ride. I did the first oil change myself since I used to do the ones on my ZX14's I figured this one is no different. I went with the Mobile One Racing 4T 10W40 full synthetic oil and a K&N oil filter. I have had the fairing off the bike once when I did the LED kit so that was no big deal. One thing that worried me at first is that the book says to tighten the oil filter two full turns which I did not do. I felt this was extreme and tightened it as much as I could by hand. The other thing was the oil plug can get you into trouble. I am used to a shouldered bolt going all the way to the flat part of the bolt which is sort of like a washer only made to the bolt head. I put it in and tightened by hand until it was snug then slowly tightened it with the socket and ratchet. This part made me very nervous as it only seemed to get snug and not tight like when I removed it. There is also the gap that worried me so I did some google research and looked at a bunch of pics. Seems to be ok because it is not leaking. Going to take it for a ride tomorrow and check everything once again. I used to be a military vehicle and automotive mechanic by trade so I have no issues in wrenching, its just that bikes need a little more attention to the small details.
It's a crush washer on the oil drain bolt, use a torque wrench on it if you have one our you may need a new oil pan One day. Regards
You should be ok on the oil, same as I use but I waited till the next oil change to switch to full synthetic, nothing to worry about although opinions may vary. I also tighten my oil filter by hand.
Good advice. I have a dripper after seven or eight oil changes that I'm trying to cure because I don't have a torque wrench.