6"2 - helibar/genmar/zg


If anyone 6"2 installed Helibar/Genmar/ZG together... Can you give me your impressions and also tell me which Genmar was installed


I'm 6'3" and did the genmar 1 1/4" plate, double bubble and a set of LP alum footpegs. Very easy install and loads more comfortable. I'm actually going to put the stock screen back on as I prefer the extra wind on the freeway (it pretty much eliminates the pressure on my arms at 80+). The ZG screen puts the wind more towards my upper chest/neck area. I was concerned about vibration with the footpegs but it isnt a problem. The combo makes the bike just as comfortable as my buddies Sprint ST.
I am 6'5" and installed the Helibars.. Made all the difference in the world for longer rides.. Good Luck! Think I'm goona pick p a set of the LP pegs. Jeff
Hi Guys,

Im new to the forum and don't have the bike yet, although I go pick it up in 2 weeks (next payday.) I have a 36" inseam (i'm 6'4) and my legs always feel super cramped on bikes. One of the reasons I got the Busa was that i had read a lot of tall riders felt comfortable on it. However, sitting on it in the dealership still felt cramped.

Could I get some suggestions from any of you on what I could have done to the bike to give me a lot more leg room? Half an inch is great and all, but I was hoping for a few inches. Also, I would like to have this done by a shop (as I pretty much suck at doing this kind of stuff) and was wondering if anybody can recommend a place in San Diego, Ca. that does it.


I'm 6'0". Just installed Heli and ZG. Palms used to go numb with stock. Haven't done any long rides yet, but I noticed right away that the pressure is distributed more evenly on my hands. Don't really notice a difference with wind with ZG, but at least I can read the gauges now. The ZG is thinner than stock, but didn't notice any shake (at least up to the 80 or 90). Saw an other thread about a thicker replacement.