5 year Hayabusa Anniversary 7/31/15 to 7/31/20


A special day to enjoy RJ . Tianne my wife thinks i'm a true nut today as this makes cake # 2 for RJ , but he lets me eat them . ;) Spice cake with cream cheese icing . Baking with power tools is so much fun !
Treated my bud to some Titanium custom one off parts , some new ti / alum bolts , and new rear tire .
Whats special is not just the Bike , and feelings from riding . Much of it is the Org , with the friends made since July 15th 2015 here .
Put these photos , and video together to remember the day . Will be rolling out in the morning for a ride with some friends to breakfast :)

5 year RJ aneversiery .JPG

5 year RJ aneversiery 2.JPG

5 year RJ aneversiery 3.JPG

5 year RJ aneversiery 5.JPG

5 year RJ aneversiery 6.JPG

5 year RJ aneversiery 7.JPG

5 year RJ aneversiery 8.JPG

5 year RJ aneversiery 9.JPG

5 year RJ aneversiery 11.JPG

5 year RJ aneversiery 12.JPG

5 year RJ aneversiery 13.JPG

5 year RJ aneversiery 14.JPG

5 year RJ aneversiery 15 .JPG

5 year RJ aneversiery 16 .JPG
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