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Looks good rubbersidedown.
What did the chain cost, outta curiousity.
I think I should replace mine soon too.
THAT...is a very good question . The shop I deal with is owned by a buddy of mine . When I went to pick up the parts he was busy as hell , so I just grabbed my parts an' split. He's pretty good to me , an' trusts me . So when I get back down there to pay I'll let ya know . It's usually cost plus a couple bucks . I usually take him some beer too . Or take him an' his girl out for dinner . It all works out in the end .
Have a good nite bro .
Bike was running like crap.My quote from earlier in the thread. Early model issues. There were not a lot of good techies around sometimes in the early years of the Org.
I knew more than most folks....I know,we were pretty much fugged back then. Me,with my sleeping habits {or lack there of } tried to answer a lot of tech questions myself by tearing into my own bike,testing,learning,posting about it. Some dudes from other time zones really appreciated the help [qwik answers to their probs in the day time...their time...my time..4AM]
Anyway that particular prob I remem was motor losing power/cutting out at medium RPM. After this an' that I determined a fuel flow prob. Narrowed it down. Ended up that the shiddy stock Suzuki fuel filter would start to disintegrate landing bits O' crap onto the tiny screens on top of each fuel injector. Posted about it,members followed suit and we all became happy Busa bastids again :thumbsup: . OK, back to 2020. AAhhhGGGG Covid.
Help me,
RSD. { my early signature }
Whats with bringing back 17 year old thread?
A member on here(who shall remain nameless
) is very fond of attaching links to threads of all sorts,some from yesterday,some from 20 years ago. I dunno...I think its a hobby or something...definately part of his M.O. I find it highly entertaining. :thumbsup:

Is he bringing it back or continuing it as he started the thread in the first place.
That's the thing about the internet...you can pretty much do whatever you want. Here on the Org there are of course guidelines that were created to keep it fairly clean and somewhat friendly,that's about it.Nothing too controversial in this particular resurrection.