$493 for 6 months insurance for busa....too high?


I would seriously consider it... I got turned down for USAA, and now I'm paying 600 for 6 months through State Farm.


Dis in my way!
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Man I pay $396.00 a year for full coverage. Unless you are 21 been in prison for a few years, single and crashed into the state insurance commissioner I can't believe the premium that you guys have.


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OKC is a bit different from other places. Here I'd be lucky to find full insurance for under a grand a year. So I pay $219 a year for basic and don't ride like most of the squids down here.

If I just moved a few miles to the next county (I'm right next to the border), I could probably get full coverage for not much more than I'm paying now and I wouldn't have to pay for emmissions testing for the car during inspection.  


all u guys that pay nothing!!!

how old are u and where do u live?
im 18 in indy...they want around 6 grand a year for me.


I pay $407 for six months through USAA.  I also have a R1 and pay $353 for six months.

The Busa is brand new, less then a week old.  I just installed a Pyramid tail eliminator and hugger kit from http://www.carbotex.com/.  I ordered an Integrator kit from http://www.flashalert.com use's the brake lights for turn signals.

Looks cool, I will post some pictures.


I just got my beautiful silver/grey 2002 yesterday and USAA gave me bodily injury $25K/$50K, Property Damage $25K, Uninsured Motorist $25K/$50K, $0 deductible comprehensive for $137.01/6-MO.... I think that is a pretty good deal.... What coverages do you other folks have for your bike???? Mine it feels good to be a new owner!!!


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That is a good price depending what state you reside. New England states are about $900 for full coverage for a 12 month calendar year. (CT., MA. RI) Maine, VT. and NH are a less.


IT's not too far out of line from what I can tell. I pay $700+ for full coverage in Minnesota, and I'm 40+, with kids, no points on record for 10 years, etc., etc. Most companies won't even touch me, just because of the bike's "ultra high performance death machine" category. Oh well, I pay and I ride!
I pay $564 every 6 months through State Farm for full coverage. I'm 29 with a perfect driving record. Some places wanted as much as $5400/yr! Living near Houston jacks my rates up I'm sure.


I pay $380 a year full coverage with State Farm in Georgia. I am 31 and had a accident on it last year.


a HUNDRED American a month here in Houston...with Farmers. Pick: page me @ 713-919-8184 with you agents name, ect. I am 42, no tickets, 1 minor in last 20 years. HELP !! James.


i pay 700.00 a yr. in s.c.its the best i could find.geico wanted 1700 ayr.,all others were about the same.im 40 and a good record,oh well if ya gonna play,ya gonna pay.
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