40th anniversary Hayabusa in Canada?


I have seen the 40th anniversary edition of the Busa that's supposed to begin shipping in May. Sadly our Swedish Suzuki importer will not bring it to us.

So, I wonder if you know of any Canadian dealers that will get the 40th anniversery edition (orange) in stock soon so that I can put it in a container and bring it to Europe.


I may be wrong but i am quite sure that freight would be cheaper from somewhere in Europe rather than all the way across the Atlantic.
I talked to a Suzuki dealership here in Stockholm who told me that the 40th anniversary edition was limited to the USA (and probably Canada?).

If I am wrong - please correct me, it would probably save me a few bucks. (the official 2003 Hayabusa price is $16.000 in Sweden...)
<span style='color:darkblue'>Can someone tell me the price of the Busa in € (euros) in your countries?

In  </span><span style='color:red'>Port</span><span style='color:green'>ugal</span><span style='color:darkblue'>, it costs 12,900€ (Euros).</span>
Unfortunatly Suzuki is not making a 40th anniversery Busa for Canada.  They are however making a 40th aniversary Gixxer 1000 in the orange paint scheme and I'll tell you it's tight.  I have the catalog at home and I'll scan picture for you guys this evening.