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I rode the Busa into work today for the first time in about 2 weeks, and upon rolling into the parking garage, found that they upgraded the cycle parking area from one space to FOUR. And the sweet thing is, there were a few cycles already filling them upon my arrival.

Glad to see they made more spaces specifically for us bikers. I'm not entirely sure what prompted the decision, but I'm glad they made it!



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Congrats!  Must be nice.  There are quite a few riders in my building (about 20 something) but we have no motorcycle parking.

A lot of the time we'll park in separate spaces to prove a point.  Thus far it hasn't worked.  
 When everyone rides and we don't congregate our parking, a lot of cages have to park farther away (the riders get to work early) or on the grass (which is allowed for some reason).


On a good day, I've noticed over 10 bikes here at one time. We would usually all park together anyway, since parking bikes in numbers lessens the chances of someone knocking them over or driving into them in the space.

I'm just glad to see so many riders at our location. And they range from sport bikes to Hardleys.. To date tho, I'm the only Busa here!



Man there has been an ongoing battle at work for Bike Parking! There are about 8-10 of us that ride frequently and a few of us who ride all the time. There are a grand total of three dedicated motorcycle parking spaces which we share two (or more) to a stall. The company had funds put aside to build a covered port for all of the bikes, but then they re-built the damn smokers lounge instead. Asked when we were getting recognized for our reduced contribution to traffic, smog, global warming etc. We were told that the money was not in the budget this year! Suunns a Beeotches... At least I get to park right under the "security" camera every day!


Well as much as I hate to admit it, I think the true reason it was done was to make more room for the SUV's in the main lot. On any given day, if you looked out across the lot outside the garage, you'd see a bike here, a bike there, noone sharing a space with bikes, and I'm sure that was getting negative feedback from the cagers. So, to accomodate, they simply extended on the area in the garage where the existing bike space was.

Either way I'm happy they did it- I don't like parking my Busa in the outside lot b/c we own one of the most stolen cycles in bike history, not to mention the sun damage that occurs to the instrument panel when they are left in direct sunlight. For me, it's a WIN WIN.



We could definitely use a few more at my company. When the bike spaces are full I try and park to the side of a cager spot so another biker can fit in. The cagers seem to apreciate that. Had an HD share a spot with me today.
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