4 New Mods


My last 4 Mods with a pic:

PowerBronze "Airflow" Grey/Smoke: Had Zero Gravity "Double bubble" before. Power Bronze is thicker and seems to be better material. Do not see much difference between the ZG and PB as far as the air flow is concerned. (No pun intended)
Great Sales service

Helibars : Just had them put on so can't tell yet how it feels. There is no drastic difference in the riding position. I hope that small ridding position difference will help me get rid of numb hands effect due to the weight of my body of my hands/handle bars and my sore neck when riding for hours.
Great sales service

Indiglo Gauge : Have the choice between Standard and Reverse Style. Chose Reverse. 50% of people chose one style 50% the other, it's a question of taste. I thought the reverse was more sutle yet sharp looking. Just slip ons, no need to remove needle. Comes with dimer button. Looks Great!!
Great sales and technical service

Gear Indcator: Have the choice between Blue or Red. Because I wanted the Gear Indicator Change to stand out from the Blue Gauge color I chose the Red. Since the gear change is detected electronically and not machanically, there is a 1 second delay from the time you shift gear to the time the gear indicator shows the proper gear. I am ok with that 1 second delay!!! Other mechanical gear indicators cost over $400.
Great sales and technical service

I waited a year to have those mods made. It was well worth the wait!!!!

Enjoy and thanks to all of those who post their ideas and mods on this site. This is the best Busa site!!!

Nice Setup... And I'm glad you are enjoying the mods... I'm not sure if you did any distance riding before you put the heli bars on, but if you did and you do now you'll see a major difference as the miles flow by. Just riding in town....I'm not sure if you really pay attention to it that much.

Great pic of the dash!