4 corners, 10,000mi trip report


After many months of planning, the day has finally come. I am off and on the road.
After a fun party last night, where we raised another almost $800 for the Drowning Support Network. I awoke feeling a little rough.
I must say I was a little hesitant to leave. I really like my home and my life, and what I am trying to do is going to be hard. Both on my body and bike but my heart and soul also.
After a long goodbye I was finally off and on the road.
It didn't take long be for I was greeted with rain. OK, out comes the jacket. Then it got cold. OK now add a hoodie.
Darn, still cold. Ahhh man, I don't want to bust out every piece of gear I have on the first day!

So instead I stop for soup in Ft. Bridger.
Greeted by sunshine and wet roads I rode on into Utah.

Out of familiar territory, I rode up 84 into Ogden. with good directions I met up with Speck. Followed him to his home where I met his wife and we chatted til late munching on side bacon and cheese with a light beer chaser. Woo hoo 3.2!

I sit typeing with my thumbs on a tablet my wife got me the day before I left; in a spare room of a friend, 400+ mi from home.

Riding to Boisie tomorrow.

And I'll post pics as soon as I figgure out how.

Happy dreams y'all.
Awesome! Was wondering if you were going to be able to update along the way. Keep us posted and pics or it didn't happen.
damn i love this!!!! Hope to see ya soon buddy!!
thanks a lot! being stuck at work this week hurts even more now :banghead:

i'm glad for you though :thumbsup: have a great time and keep us updated :beerchug:
Trying to get the first few days pics loaded











i am safe and happy in Boise Idaho. i have 3 things logged into the org at the same time trying to load pics. we shall see if we can get something to work.
cigarettes and bacon, those were the days. I had to quit though, doctor said bacon is bad for me :laugh:
you should be able to plug that card reader into any computer and load pics my friend. hope all goes well.
Woo Hoo. it worked.
now back to the story.

Speck treated me like a long lost friend. open arms, make your self at home brother.
we talked into the night about how much fun it is to just sit and talk.

morning came too soon, and i was given run of the house and a fresh pot of coffie. speck and his wife had to be off by 8am. i saw them off and watched the weather channel sipping coffie for about an hour. i warmed up in a shower and loaded the bike. i was rolling by 10.

greeted ny blue skies and a glimpse of the great salt lake, i hummed on north on 84.... all day long.
ok it was a short day. 360mi and only because i rode around Boise for an hour looking for Schoolie's house.

Idaho is pretty. reminds me alot of the land around Missoula Montana. rolling corn fields. dairy's , pretty.
then you hit the snake river. aww what a pretty sight. the snake river valley is very pretty.

up and onto the desert plain.

before you get into Boise you roll across a tan brown desert plain. i rode through a few dust devils. Boom, one side, Wham the other! hold on!

not wyoming wind, but pretty tough.

traffic in Boise is slow, but not too bad for a city.

i have left my GPS, computer, and i pod at home. i couldn tfind my gps. i thought this pad thingy would do everything my computer would. and i guess i just misplaced my ipod. :(

other than that all is well. the ladies are now in charge of my destinations. im done planning. im letting my wife and Nancy Riggs with the drowning support network plan my press stops.

well off i go..lol, well achually im eating cookies and watching the new star trek. :thumbs:

next stop Vancouver Washington.
schoolie says " i loaded your phone with music." .
so i am not w/o tunes anymore.
thank you my 4 toed friend. :thumbs:
thanks for sharing the pics...i've enjoyed the time i've spent in Boise, it's a pretty cool town :beerchug:
Awesome!!! Can't wait to read reports of your trip!! Glad you are enjoying yourself so far :thumbsup:

Ride safe!! :)

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