4 bike trailer

what size trailer would haul 4 bikes? would a 6'x14' cut it? i will most likely just get an open trailer. enclosed ones are awesome, but id still like to show off my bikes going down the highway :laugh:


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7x14 is definitely a better way to go, I had a thread going where some pix were uploaded using one that size to haul.

I dont like open because it does show what you have back there ;) These things are pretty to look at but thieves live everywhere and even though a closed trailer wont stop all of the stupid, it certainly prevents them from shopping as easily :laugh: just my 2c worth

you could always get one of those plexiglass enclosed ones :whistle:


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If you plan to carry anything other than the bikes I would go a little bigger than 7' x 14'. I have a 7' x 16' V-Nose and would love to have at least another foot of width.

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