$39 Campbell-Hausfeld compressor at Home Depot

Blanca BusaLess

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Got this perfect little compressor at Homey D today for 39 bucks.
Rechargeable and portable.
Has 12 volt DC and 110/120 volt ac recharge capability .

My front tire was down to about 29lbs it took less than 20 seconds for it to bring it up to 35lbs. Has its own gauge which is graduated by fives but still fairly accurate as I checked it against my hand held.
Super nice and easy cuz there is no cord to worry about.
Now I have clean air and dont have to worry about what I'm getting from the local compressor at the gas stations.
Figured I would share as it was such a good deal.


air cord is probably 3ft ?

Campbell Hausfeld #CC2300 12V RCH Air Compressor

Thats the model# I cant find decent specs on it.

Really strange I was eating dinner out today and looked at HD site and saw it.
Store was across the street so I went and got one.
Now I cant find the durn thing on their site
but if you google it Amazon and Walmart both carry it same price and your local HD may have them.