35k miles too much for a '99 busa...

Hi- Does anyone know if 35k miles is too much mileage to buy a Busa with?? What things should I look for before buying it if you guys think its OK to buy? Thanks!



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Heard of them making way over that some of the members on the >org have bikes with milelage in the 50,000 range I believe. Suppose to be a very strong motor and if you know what to look for or have a mechanic check it out you should be ok.

keep in mind my opinion is that of a novice.


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I just totaled my 2000 Busa and it had 99,750 miles
on body. Second engine (27,000) miles. Blew original
at 87,000. Bike it's self was solid.


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Heck, it is just broken in now

rear subframes and fuel filters were the only problems with the early years. With that much milage, probably all corrected by now.

Hey, if its the copper color and clean, if you pass, I'll take it

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OK, somebody found "my" Busa on EBAY and bought it out from under me. Fess up someone!!!!

If you did this after reading into my original post you are a real and petty low-life.....

And the bike was in NJ btw...:angry:
I tried to edit my post and say that I didn't mean to imply that it was someone here that bought it. Sorry, I am just disappointed because I thought this was the one


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