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Hello all i'm new here found the link a few days ago. been reading alot of the post and there is just so much usefull info here. I'm thinking of going with a 300 single sided swingarm but never road anything that big before anyone know what the ride is like ? will it change how the bike handles?

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I guess you are building a show bike?

That is a very expensive mod, and yes, the bike will lose a lot of handeling characteristics, mainly cornering. You might also get a much more rough ride with a 300.
well not really looking to make it for show just like the look of the big tires but don't want to spend the cash if it ruins the ride. i've noticed all the bike pic's here have normal sized tires so guessing it would be best to save the cash and stay with a normal tire. As for the mods i just figured since i have the cash to spend at this point in my life and i'm planing to get a new 07 and that would have been great looking mod.


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better suited for a chopper where you are mainly going in a straight line and not carving it up.

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I owned a Warrior before this and went from a stock 200 to a 240 and didn't notice much change and then upped to to a 280 and the whole bike became very different, not bad just alot more work to ride. A 300 will need a 10.5 inch rim an when you round a sweeping corner the whole bike is riding on about 1 inch of tread way over by the rims edge, it takes some getting used to. I wouldn't do it if you want to keep the bike sporty, for show it rocks...


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Grumpy pretty much nailed it. Your ride will be nothing like stock. It will be rougher and a biotch to turn. You can get the single sided swingarm without the mud tire


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Hope this helps, and anyone that has riden on a 300 will tell you that anything over 240 is for show and straight lines. (and getting girls

I do not carve the twisties so my opinion is a little jaded.


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240 for looks and still handle, a 300 for pimpin' and no kneedraggin'.

single sided swingarm is not good. busa not made for it [as per friend builder].
I personally think tires that huge on a sportbike look downright ugly as hell.Yes they have their place at bikenights n all but if you like motorcycles because you like riding them then i dont see why anyone would do it.
A better option if to do all that work,put some chrome on it and then put it in the center of your living room as a decoration piece

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