3 Pass Blast On June 24th


After my first Busa Stampede, I'd like to ride with more Busas more often. If you haven't ridden with a group ps Busas, you're missing out. Come join us! Crossing Stevens, Blewett and Snoqualmie Passes in a day has become a favorite annual ride with lunch at one of our favorite BBQ places. More will be attending that what's signed up here - all bikes are welcome, so bring friends along.

This isn't a parade ride. Be prepared to break into smaller groups, or ride on your own, so everyone can ride at a comfortable, enjoyable pace. As always, you're responsible for riding your own ride. We'll all meet up for lunch in Cashmere.

Meeting time: 10:30am - feel free to arrive earlier for breakfast.
Kickstands up: 11am, after pre-ride spiel
Lunch: 1-1:30pm at BBQ in Cashmere at Country Boys
Arrive in Issaquah: Around 6pm, pending length of lunch and gas stops.
Route (Basic): https://goo.gl/maps/PL7jd
- Simply Hwy 2, Hwy 97, Hwy 970, I-90
Route (Adv): https://goo.gl/maps/r2FbQ
- This is the route I'm doing, Includes backroads like Ben Howard, Chumstick Highway, Westside Highway.
~ You are responsible for bringing the route(s) with you since we all won't be staying together.

Be sure to gas up in Monroe. If you need to gas sooner than 100 miles/what's on the map, it's up to you to look up a gas station. The ride ends in Easton (or wherever you need to cut out).

Sign up to see more details at:
http://meetu.ps/e/ClmXw/RChW/f (Women Only)
http://meetu.ps/e/ClmZs/RChW/f (co-ed)

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