3/4" risers Genmar or ? with heli-bars


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Working on my new to me gen 1. I had a genmar 3/4" riser on my last gen 1, but switched to 3/4 machined spacers from Doyle on my gen 2. Now looking for the spacers, but Soupys only has 1" and no idea if they would work along with my heli-bars. Anyone have a set or know another source? New Genmar's not in the budget! Thanks! Haven't ordered brake lines yet if length becomes an issue.
Gee whiz. I'm not a newby (nothing against you new guys!). Your thread was for a K8. I had read it in the past. Plus I've had the exact combo discussed on both gen 1 and gen 2 bikes. My question was about the 1" risers and who has 3/4" ones these days. I've since sent a PM off to Doyle, who I bought one set from back in the day. I did have the exact same clearance contact you described on my K8. Never did get it adjusted out, but it was so minor I lived with it. I did go 2" up on my SS brake lines as the stock ones were tight at full extension. No touchiness here; just a chance to go TTT. Thanks!
I ran soupys one inch block with helibars on my gen 2 with stock lines. Only mod I had to do was trim the windscreen.
Thanks Big E. What screen did you have, stock? With the dbl bbl, the brake reservoir missed the edge after some adjusting but still contacted screen farther up. Can't imagine trimming that much. ha ha. I may try more of a touring screen and see how it will do. Then I'll get a wind blast to my visor that will make my helmet move like a bobble-head!