2nd Time Fixation


Well I'll try to make a long story short. First of all I started riding about 7 years ago. My first bike was a brand new 2006 cbr 600. Which I thought was a good starter bike for my size, back then of 6' 2" around 260ish lbs. Well I was fine on the bike but found myself in a sticky situation traveling about 35-40MPH and took an exit too quick. I was in a group of 4 bikers and I fixated on the curb in the corner and ran into it causing the bike to go airborne. In the process I tore my ACL, meniscus disc, and broke the top half of my tibia bone on my left leg. This happened on 1/1/07. Yup, what a way to spend New Years Day.

So I haven't had a bike since then. I recently bought a 2013 Pearl White Hayabusa and I was out riding this Sunday. The same damn thing happened minus the accident. I enter the corner at the right speed and leaned the bike right....the exit was a loop on the freeway basically a circle. I was doing good until I begin to exit and fixated on the apex and had to pull the bike up and go straight into the grass. Luckily, nothing happened but I'm afraid that it will happen again.

I've been reading how to take corners and and know that I need to look where I want the bike to go...Any help to overcome this? I know that the general responses will be I need more practice which is a given, but I would like to hear more things on techniques.

Also, does anyone know of any tracks that have courses that I can take in the Dallas/Ft Worth Area?
I don't know that someone can tell you the cure. You have to understand that the bike can probably do a heck of a lot more than you'll make it, look through the corner to where you wanna go and go there.
I just moved here from Dallas not long ago...there is a nice beginner type track in Cresson...at the MotorSport Ranch..not far away. Lone Star Track days rents it out once in a while and it's a good place to start. They have a school...and separate A and B group sessions...B for the more experienced riders.

Lone Star Track Days ::: Motorcycle Track Days in Texas (The Track Days Sponsers)

laps at Cresson Motorsport Ranch with Lone Star Track Days - YouTube[/url] (The track)

Hope that helps..
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if you haven't taken a basic rider safety course, i suggest you do before you try a track school.
here is a list of options in your area.
Motorcycle Safety Foundation

slow down and take some time developing your riding skills. learn what your mechine will and will not do.

practice, practice, practice.

practice corners.

and more importantly, practice stopping.

you CAN lean over far enough to squish your foot against the road and still be ok. :thumbs:
Force yourself to look through the curves, as the bike moves your vision should move too...
+1 on what everyone's saying. I'm riding for about 13 years but sometimes on a curvy mountain road I find myself saying out loud in my helmet "you go where you look" "you go where you look"! Maybe saying it helps?!
Stop looking at the side of the road, like others have said, look through the turn. If you are running wide you are going to fast for your skill set. Take your time and don't push yourself. A track day will help immensely, and we are always here to answer questions.

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I really appreciate the comments and I will continue to practice. I have taken the basic MSF course 7 years ago. Good suggestion on saying You go where you look! I am in the process of doing a track day but I need to get gear!