2lb bracket for under hump?

I am looking for a 2lb bottle bracket that mounts under the hump, I have the one from schiznit and I do not like it....looking for something out of billet and a little stronger than velcro straps. If anyone knows of one and where to get it please post the link and thanks in advance.


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as far as i know tiger is the only one that makes a under the hump mount

i had some of the same concerns when i bought mine,i use some fairly thick,but soft foam under the bottle,another peice at the base of the bottle,and a 3rd at the valve,tighten up the velcro and it isn't going anywhere......i just swapped in a fresh bottle 10 minutes ago


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Some one here can make that for you.

Keep bumping and try the general section, some of the fabricators may not see it here.

Oh and a donating status usually looks good too. Just a thought.

Good luck.

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