210 HP Carpenter Racing Mod


im seriously considering having this mod done. i wanted to get most of the A's to my Q's on this board instead of keeping someone at C.R. on the phone all day.

1. how long did it take them from start to finish
2. what internal parts do they change out
3. how much better are your 1/4 mi times
4. how much did it cost you (include $ for extras like pistons)
5. were you allowed to watch them work on your bike
6. do you have any problems afterwards (overheating, etc.)
7. do you get 210hp or just whatever they can get out of it
8. did they remove the base gasket
9. do they remove the whole engine or just take off the head
10. was it worth it

im sure some of these are kind of dumb but i just wanted the heads up on a few things b4 i give them a call. let me know if you have anything else informative for me. thanks for any help.
You need to ask other questions like the HP was it STD or SAE?
Was it on pump gas or Nutec?
and what was the final CR number

I went to Carpenter at the recomendation of LandSpeedLarry. I met him at the Salt Flats and he has plenty of records, so I figured he knew what he was talking about. With that said, I will answer your questions in order, here goes....

1. Two weeks
2. Head and base gaskets (thinner), valve springs, guides, cams, pair valve mod, clutch mod, airbox mod, head porting.
3. I don't run 1/4. I like top speed. My personal best was 192.5 stock (bike ran out of ass before it could hit the limiter in 6th) Now it hits the limiter without any problem, I had to get taller gearing.
4.Cost for the kit is $2800, but that does not include Power Commander (about $300) or aftermarket exhaust ($800-$1000). The exhaust that makes the best power is the Hindle or Ti. The 210HP can also be affected by running a heavy rear tire. You will get the best numbers with a lighter rear tire and rim. Stock pistons are used $0.
5. I live in Ohio and Carpenter is in NJ so I just dropped my bike off and went home, but I am sure he would let you see them work on your bike. He will give you a tour of the shop.
6. I have had no problems after about 1500 miles so far. My gas mileage has dropped a little (I don't care). Actually, the bike is running cooler than it used to. Between the air flowing in (head porting) and out easier (race Hindle) I think it is the case.
7. Each bike will vary a little. I don't think you will hit 210 if you don't have the correct tire or exhaust.

Also, I am pretty sure that the temp and humidity may play a big part in the dyno figures. Maybe Johnny Cheese can answer as to how much??

8. Yes, replaced with thinner gasket.
9. Not sure
10. For what I wanted, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!

Bob had a lot of 1/4 mile Hayabusas while I was visiting. Give him a call or check out their site (preferrably both). You can also email Landspeedlarry and get his feedback.

Ride safe
thanks for the info. let me ask this. i already have the pair valve mod, clutch mod, airbox mod, pc2, and full akropovic exhaust. does that mean it will cost me less than the 2800?
Bob did my bike, not more to add than 382, but I must say the bike is incredible. Bobs real good w/ walking you trough his facility and explains what he will do, and most importantly listens to your needs..

I would do it all over again if I had to, and Bob has my business.
If your'e in the south, give Cooper's a try here in GA. They do excellent work for a great price. They build many a motor here. You tell em' what you want and Jerry or Jeff can make it. Let me know if you want their number. Give em' a call. They are going to do my head work later in the year. Depending on what the lift of the cams, the price varies, but very comparable to above and alot closer for you than NJ.