2013 Stainless Steel Brake Lines


I want to put a Brembo RCS19 and stainless steel lines on my 13. Are the front lines that same as the 12's or are they different due to the Brembo monoblock calipers?

Completely different.

We can sell you the Brembo RCS or the MonoBlocks, that's easy direct bolt on, but the lines have not come out yet from Galfer (we even asked membership here if anyone in LA could spare a '13 so they could make 'em).

You however will need a custom set of lines anyway since what you're suggesting is neither stock top or bottom.


Thanks. I've got the mono blocks on from the factory. After nearly running off the track after hittting the governor and having the rubber lines expand I need to go SS. When I do that it just makes sense to put a real master on.
Hi Jt

Just put those on my 2010 with a few other mods that may be helpful. Put on a motion pro throttle,yana shiki top triple tree, steering dampener, new fluid res, hel braided brake lines,longer bars. If You are putting on just the RCS with no other mods the standard length lines fit but is is a tight fit. You will need Fluid reservoirs that fit under the windscreen I went with AMB from sportsbike trackgear and attached them to the top triple tree and just have enough clearance. On full lock it just nicks by half a mm .
Hi here is pic of my setup