2013 Service Manual - Digital Master / PDF


HI - Does anyone have the latest 2013 Service Manual - aka, the "Digital Master" version of the service manual w/ the ABS information in it (new for 2013 Gen II's) ? According to Suzuki, the latest revised and best copy (PDF format likely) would be part #99500-39351-03E. Please PM me offline or post here if possible.
spent the last few days comparing my 12 to my new 13 and there are parts differences beyond just the brakes etc.
Oil cooler and radiator are alloy on the 13 as against black on the 12.
As expected the clocks have an ABS light.
Loom is routed differently on the LHS...probably due to having more wires for the ABS system.
Main bike components look identical and both owners manuals are almost word for word the same ...again except for the ABS chapter.
Since 99% of owners including myself can't repair an ABS system I'm happy to work off the 2012 service manual.