2013 hayabusa....anyone got one yet

I have been asking my local dealers about the availability of the 2013 bike and suzuki haven't confirmed any dates other than a demo bike.
Thing is i can save a few grand and get a pre-reg 2012 white model and i'm just not sure then 2013 is worth waiting for....the new bits could well be great but managed for 4+ yrs without then on my gen1 and the money saved could get a nice set of cans.


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From what I was told, we won't expect to see any 2013's in our dealership til mid-April/beginning of May
that ties in with the demo days locally...wish they'd get their finger out...i can pick up a new GSXR 1000 RZ limited any day as each local dealer has one
the brakes and abs are the only things new on the 13's (other than paint scheme). Thats why i chose to save the 4k and went with the 2012 rather than having to wait 3-5 months and have to pay full price just so i can have the nice brakes. :2cents:

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