2013 Fall Bash Room List


OK lets get a room list started so we all know who's where for the Bash. Post up your screen name, dates and room number.

Fireman6615 - Phillips - 26th, 27th & 28th - Room 119
UPDATE: Booked rm 123 Phillips. Myself and RacerV. Fri 27 to Sun 29. See you ladies at the Bash!!
Fireman6615 - Phillips - 26th, 27th & 28th - Room 119

Powers739 Rm 112 thur- Sunday

Geoegiabusa_05 Room 106, Thursday - Sunday.

Red1100cc your floor 28th-29th?

Loomis and RacerV Rm 123 Phillips. Fri 27 to Sun 29

IN10SS room 111 thurs-sun

GSXtacy 104 Fri-Sun

GixerHp and Crew Jen will be there, the 25 thru the 30.
As well as Tony and Tiffany, and another buddy Steve

Talked to Flicka ( Chattanooga busa ) Daniel, last night and he is planning to be there also. Pappy and Steve Roos are also going to be there. I should roll in Thursday morning sometime
Hinted around to Omar about doing a drive-by, but we have so many irons in the fire right now :banghead:

You never know... :whistle:

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