2012 Limited Edition Warning Sticker Removal

Brand new 2012 LE, removed the warning stickers from the tank and both left slight indentations in the clear coat. All the glue is gone and the paint is shiny with no scratches. I used moderate heat and sticky tape to remove them. It almost looks like a guide for the assembly line to install the decals in the right spot. Anybody else experience this? Is there a fix? Thanks'
Same problem on my 09. There is a border line left when the sticker came up. Tried rubbing it out with scratch remover to no avail but I have no automotive painting skills. I decided to just live with it.


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Put a sticker over it :)

Seriously though, you can get a tank protector that covers that right up.


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This my first Hayabusa, many other bikes owned and never had this issue. Is it just a Suzuki thing?
I never had that issue with either of my Busas. Sounds like the stickers went on before the clear was completely dry.
Thanks for the reply. I think the stickers may have been put on while the paint was still a little soft. That would explain why some have it and some don't. It polished out perfectly, just left the clean line around the sticker location so I'll just live with it. I have worked with a lot of paint flaws like this and there's no easy fix short of wet sanding and adding more clear coat. Just was curious to see if they had put it there on purpose. Thanks again,

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I doubt the paint was fresh when those stickers went on. They were probably applied toward end of assembly process.
The parts for our bikes are Pre painted from the factory and most likely come from long since painted stock parts. The tanks are probably stacked a mile high in some wharehouse. That paint had long since cured.
I'm gonna go with the strength of the adhesive used to make stickers semi permanent affected the clear coat.

Either way glad you got it gone.
I spray the stickers themselves with WD40 and let the WD40 sit on the stickers themselves for 10 to 15 min. The sicker should come off fairly easy, even the residue. I wouldn't let the wd40 sit on the paint itself, although I do not know if that would harm the paint. I did this on my 06LE and my 012 Limited and with no issues.
I have a 2013 LE and it took me over an hour to get my stickers off. I used a little steam machine I had and shot steam over it and sprayed some goo gone on a rag and rubbed on them. I used my finger nails and soft rags to remove them. sigh... I haven't needed to use any nail clippers since ??? the good news is that you cannot tell that they were ever there so I a happy with that, especially after what I just read.


Easy on this...

DONT try doing it on a cold day... it just takes ages.

Let sun warm up stickers.

Use hairdrier to give an extra heat up..

Pull gently on edge using a credit card (if you heat at same time with hairdryer - be warned it warps the credit card :))... if it splits off you aint got i hot enough...

The top and bottom layer should ease off in one go..

Trick is not to try on a cold day!



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Try buffing it with either an air or electric buffer and a little compound not wax. If that doesn't take the edge off you can lightly wet sand it with at least 2000 grit or even finer and then you will have to buff it again with compound to get the fine sanding scratches out and then buff again with swirl remover or a good wax. Be sure to use plenty of water and the fine sanding will remove the lines and the shine but don't be scared the buffing with a semi aggressive compound and then wax will restore the shine again back to new. I'm not a body guy but this worked on my bass boat

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