2011 Michael Jordan Motorsports Hayabusa Busabeats contest


Well, I would love to say I am already a Hayabusa owner but I am not. I have owned two different motorcycles in my riding of about eight years now and plan to eventually add the Hayabusa on my riding resume. Anyhow this seems like a forum where people really know their bikes and the Hayabusa community. With that being said, I recently joined a contest, through the Suzuki site, in which you must submit lyrics to pre-recorded tracks and compete to win a Hayabusa. The parameters of the lyrics are that you must include features and the history of the Hayabusa in your lyrics, in a creative manner. Once this is done, and your track is accepted by the contest holders, it is then up to the listeners to vote on your song (dope points). Part of the contest is to also market your self through social networks or outlets to gain votes and to bring awareness to Suzuki, the Hayabusa, Michael Jordan Motorsports and the Busabeats contest. Well, I am doing that now and would appreciate any votes for my song to get closer to winning the Michael Jordan Motorsports branded Hayabusa this year. The completed song is called "They call me Busa II". If you enjoy the track please vote by clicking on the 'DOPE' button. It was fun to write. I actually speak from the bike's perspective and cover the features of the 2011 and the history of the Hayabusa. Thank you for your support.
Link: http://www.busabeats.com/#trackid=10932
You already made this post and quite honestly, didn't like your rap.
Thank you for your honesty. Yes I know I did but it fell off of the viewing list. Not trying to be a bother but really want to win a Busa so I can post about my bike and not just a contest.
Competitive nature. Thanks.
Everyone here bought their bikes. Why don't you earn yours?
I came across that contest last year while doing one of many Busa searches. I enjoy what comes out of the contest. Best of luck to you. I will give u the vote if I truly like what you produced.

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