2009 stage one ultra with 65# secondaries and boost reference hits dyno!


5th gear burn outs thats just insane:rofl: whats your gearing?
you guys need to compile a documentary for those of us who are sitting here drooling over your experience!
i cant remember.. I remember goin up 2 teeth on the rear to help get me close to the stock gearing since I'm running 18" tires.. it must be pretty close since my speedo seems pretty accurate..


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Inquiring minds want to know
Yes, that is exactly what this is, and the whole point of this thread. Upgrade the Stage One RCC turbo kit with a "bare" Ultra Plenum - no secondary injectors, or Microtech box. Utilize the 08/09's stock fuel setup, and ECU editor - to make a killer street bike that runs on pump gas all day. Make no mistake - this is a bike you can ride back and forth to work, or to church, if you want. It runs like a stocker until you get past half throttle, when all hell breaks loose . . .

Also, please keep in mind that although we used 62# secondary injectors with a custom RCC fuel rail, these same numbers could have also been easily attained using the bike's own stock injectors . . .:cheerleader:
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