2009 stage one ultra with 65# secondaries and boost reference hits dyno!


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Over the past few days, POWERHOUSE has been working hand in hand with Richard from RCC and Greg from Boostbysmith . . . we wanted to see if the ECU editor and the boost referencing function could handle the burden of 62# secondary injectors on a Stage One RCC Ultra kit. Our goal was to see if the software could properly handle these large secondary injectors and run clean at all boost levels on pump gas. The bike, a 2009 Hayabusa, had a 240 kit with a heavy Performance Machine rear wheel, which had the effect of reducing our rear-wheel horsepower numbers to about 15 hp less than would have been seen with a stock rear wheel and tire. Nonetheless, we were looking for flexibility in fueling - down low, and up high. The charts you see here have the air/fuel reference line set at 11.8:1. We wanted to see if the software could handle the new setup, and also if the software would allow us to maintain a reasonably straight A/F line. Posted here are some of our results . . .:cheerleader::cheerleader:



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I want to add that I am very happy with the way ECU editor and boost referencing worked . . . I want to also add that we limited all of our testing and tuning to PUMP gas - 93 octane. There was enough room with the boost reference table for us to have put some C16 in this bike and have easily made 430+ rear wheel; and if the bike would have had a GT35 on it, we could have very easily gone over 500 rear wheel with this software and the RCC 62# secondary injectors and custom fuel rail . . .:beerchug:


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Wossner turbo pistons, Wossner H-beam rods, ARP studs, stainless steel valves and Carpenter valve springs . . . overall, a solid build and a very strong everyday street bike.:laugh:


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For those that are not familiar - the Stage One Ultra for the 08/09 Busa is simply the Ultra kit setup, without secondary injectors. The Stage One Ultra uses the bike's existing eight injectors to fuel the system. Whatever turbo you have will dictate how much horsepower you can make, but one thing is for sure: with an Ultra Plenum, you will be able to run 18 pounds of boost safely on pump gas . . . using the 62# secondary injectors in the stock position with the RCC rail gives this setup more range.



sweet got to love the no secondary setup!!! still looking forward to enjoying my ultra kit one of these damn days


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is it just me or am i the only one seeing x's still????

I have heard that from more than one person, but each one went to a different computer and the charts downloaded properly. I'm not sure what's going on, since they are jpegs . . .:whistle:
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