2008 Turbo Suzuki Hayabusa $13k OBO ULTRA.RCC.TUBRO.KIT


With gen 1 pistons and rods and gen 2 crank, you would need to run a big .100 spacer. (.08 for compression plus .02 to make up for stroke.) Plus you would need adjustable cam gears to make up for the taller deck height. The ad does say aftermarket camshafts so it’s possible. But the 309hp pull shows 16psi which is low. That’s usually 350-360hp conservatively. But the 75hp drop from 10k to 11.3 or so backs up that theory.View attachment 1601651

fuel is getting dumped in and killing the power.

I do see the blue tip on the upgraded 65lb injectors.

Yea aftermarket fuel injectors are in, and like I said 309 is a conservative tune to be able to sustain long WOT runs which a normal drag bike is incapable of doing


I’ve done cams before on a 2017 zx10rr and it added a few horses like 1-2 on a naturally aspirated engine. Biggest difference it made was how it made power.
The power came on sooner and gave more progress punch from mid range transitioning into high rpm

On busa it resulted in this change in numbers
The bike did 302.66 hp 172.18tq before cams n rods
After it did
309.67 hp 175.18tq

On busa it cut the time for boost to build because engine revs faster now in mid range where boost kicks in. It also made the busa power delivery alot



OldMan Busa

this is a 2008 hayabusa
the engine has been rebuilt and only has 500 miles on it

2008-2018 Hayabusa Stage 1 Turbo Kit by RCC Turbos
carrillo rods
wossner piston
stainless steel valves (heavier valve springs)
reinforced clutch
base spacer
secondary fuel system with all 8 injectors replaced
upgraded fuel pump
Rcc turbos intercooler
+1 front steel sprocket
-3 rear steel sprocket
eco unleashed flash
ceramic wheel bearings front/back
upgraded performance camshafts
stainless steel brake lines front/back
double bubble windscreen
Michelin RS tires 200/55 rear
re-sprung front/rear springs for heavier rider well over 200lbs (can be adjusted to fit smaller and larger just that stock springs didn't go high enough)
ohlins manual steering damper
hid front light kit

the bike was tuned for 341 hp previously, but it was too much on a stock wheel base. so it was lowered to 309 hp 176 lbs of tq. the bike makes this much power on dyno in 4th gear. the bike couldn't be ran in 5th because it goes over 200mph, now image what that says about 6th gear. On gearing commander it says with the current tire and gear set up it should do 250 mph assuming it has enough power. well, I believe it has enough power to pull to redline in 6th gear. Accounting for wind resistance it more likely it does around 220mph give or take.

ALL WORK done to this bike from a simple oil change to upgrades has only been done by POWERHOUSE MOTORCYCLES for the last 5+years, who is an expert at building turbo bikes for over 30+ years. They also work on all bikes as well and are excellent with their craftsmanship/service/reputation.

I'm selling this bike because I currently have too many bikes and I don't ride as much as I used to, so I rather this bike go to somebody that will appreciate her and use her.

the motorcycle is bare and looks stock no chrome or accessories. I like my bikes looking stock, but if you buy it you can obviously customize it however you want.

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