2008 Brocks CT Single at OCMD Bikes to the Beach Apr 26-28th


Had the bike dyno'd at one of the vendors during Ocean Citys Maryland's 3rd Annual Bikes to the Beach. My numbers were SAE 175, STD 181, and uncorrected 185. Im happy enough with the numbers. Just the CT single and a "canned" ecu editor tune.

My buddy with an 06 with 240 kit, short stacks, roaring toys exhaust, made 136 SAE. And another friend had an 08 with brocks alienhead, pc tuned, ecu editor to remove limiters, and maybe an 8 inch extension put down basically my number just 2 hp less for each.

Once I get the videos of each up on youtube I'll post the link. That might not be until tonight.



Dyno 1.jpg

Dyno 2.jpg



Impressive numbers. The Ct lookes real nice on your bike
Thanks! I appreciate it.

On another dyno last year in a controlled room my buddies put down 191. So all I like to think if I beat him on Saturday I would have beat him that day.

Purely paper talking. Haven't been to the track but our 3rd gear rolls on in fantasy land I've been winning.

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